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The Bergstrom Skegs Story

From the beginning, the guys at Bergstrom Skegs never focused on being the biggest or richest traction company. They focused on providing the BEST products and they have succeeded!

Scott has always been focused on keeping trail riders safer! Starting with their hardsurfaced wear rods, they saved their customers lots of money, by providing longer life and function, because they outlasted the standard steel wear rods 3-5 times, for only $11.00pr. When the OEM plastic skis
became stock, in the mid 1990's they went from 3/8" to 7/16" host bars, to protect the softer plastic.

Scott has a very personal, one on one connection with his customers as he recommends which of his exceptional products will work the best for their sled and riding style. His father, brother and he came out with the original hardsurfaced wear rods, in 1976, which built their reputation as the worlds most durable wear rod manufacturer! He and his father met with Bob Easton who had tested and approved their rods for Polaris. When the marketing guy got involved and realized our $11.00 rods out lasted their $30.00 something carbides, the meeting was ended.
"Bergstrom Skegs, Inc. has been number 1 from 1976 to present, both in durability and control!"

In 1992, Scott came out with his Good-n-ugly carbides with their hardsurfacing, in front and behind the turning carbide, extending the life and function of these carbides, compared to the other manufacturers who use carbide wear pads and hard weld filler. Wear ratio of at least 2 to 1 over the competition.

Scott also introduced his economical and unique UHMW plastic Ski Savers in 1992. They protect the keels while limiting how far the keel can fall into the ruts of others. The 1/4" Ski Savers let the rods bite harder in the corners. The 3/8" Ski Savers hide more of the host bar, making it easier to turn the handle bars, which are used by those with aching joints.

Since 1993, Scott's products have allowed snowmobilers to ride safely, down any trail, on any sled, at 60 mph, with only one hand using his Rube Gold-Burg shims that eliminate darting. Since then thousands of shims have been given away for FREE, not only to his customers, but anyone that asked for them!

Since 1997, Scott's screw in Trail Grabbers have outworn common push-thru studs many times over. (5,000 to 7,000 miles, is not uncommon). They do all the safety stuff studs do, icy trails, hills and lakes, however they do not do hole shots because the domed carbide chips scratch the surface with multiple points and edges, as the carbide chips wear. Unlike studs, Trail Grabbers do not damage pavement. $1.50 TG vs $2.50 studs at 1/10th the weight. Unlike OEM pre-studded tracks their studs are not replaceable. That means the sharp OEM points will round off in 1 to 2 seasons. That means the tracks will have to be replaced every year or two. Trail Grabbers can be replaced as needed!

Talk is cheap! Quality is not, according to Scott!!! Contrary to the other traction companies, he has always built trail products that outlast and outperform the competition, hands down, with economical pricing!!! ALL OF HIS PRODUCTS ARE HAND MADE!!!

In 2004, Scott came out with his Triple Point carbides, which further extended the life and function of these carbides double the bite, for thousands of miles. Triple Point carbides vs Good-n-Ugly, wear ratio at least - 2 to 1.

While other manufacturers spew meaningless, empty claims of durability and function!!!

"Shining a light on the Traction Industry"

Scott's website proves all his claims of durability are factual, and at the same time educational!!!

Printed out his website is just over 12" thick!!!

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