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 “Simple – Darting Solution”

Darting – is the uncontrollable grabbing of the skis/ wear rods by the ruts in the trail moving the sled side to side in an unsafe manner.

Hunting – is unavoidable because the “Laws of Physics” dictate ski/wear rods follow the path of least resistance.  This can be a nuisance but is not a safety issue.  Once you grab the handlebars the sled should go, with little effort, where you point the skis.

Besides darting, out of balance skis will also cause the sled to push through the corners.

Other indications include:
·         Heavy steering effort / Rider fatigue
·         Wear rod drag / Lower gas mileage & track breaking loose while going straight.

Correctly adjusting ski balance will reduce or eliminate all those symptoms.  We do this by adding shims to the bottom backsides of the rubber stops located under the spindle bolts.  By pushing the back of the ski down, pressure is taken off the front and focused on the turning carbide. This allows the host bar to deflect out of the ruts while maximizing the function of the turning carbide.

ac drawing


The thicker the Ski Saver the deeper the center groove is.  Different depths determine how far the host bar can fall into the ruts.  Thicker Ski Savers also reduce the effort needed to turn the handlebars.  Sounds Too Simple To Work?

Shimming Tips –
Over time the rubber stops develop permanent dents because they lose their resilience. At the same time the rubber will start to collapse around the shims, until they lose their effect.
When you see a dent starting to develop on the top, it is time to replace the stops!

Dented rubber stop (photos to come)

   How to bring the ski bolt hole into alignment to re-attach the ski to the spindle.

After installing shims and plugs (if required) per the instructions: Use a tapered rod about 10-12 inches long on the inside bolt hole to align ski bolt hole on the inside with the ski bolt coming through from the outside. When the ski bolts meets the tapered rod from the other side (inside the spindle) gently tap ski bolt with rubber mallet until bolt pushes tapered rod out. Alignment works best with some weight on the ski. Sometimes take a few try's but it works for me without a lot of strain.

Meyhew Line -up Punch - PN 461

  • 3/16" Top
  • Extra long Taper
  • 12" long
  • Available for purchase on Amazon (the product is correct but uses the wrong photo)

  1. From the inside push the bolt in as far as possible by hand.
  2. Lift the outside edge of the ski until the hole lines up.

Techniques used

1.       Place a 2 x 4 on edge under the outside edge of the ski.  Move it forward or  
    backwards to adjust the height.

2.       Use a C-Clamp or a Come-Along.

3.       Have someone push down on the front bumper.

                                Use a new cotter pin on bolts that require one.

If you do not get the results mentioned check for front end damage.  If there is none go back to the OEM settings.  There has to be a physical difference for you to get different results than the majority!

Please call – 815-654-2950 for help!

Triple Point and Shim Kit Installation

Belt Racheting Installation Technique

Despite The Hype, Similar Profiles Follow Similar Ruts

Every ski cannot be different, but being able to get out of other's paths, grooves or ruts is the key.

Use non-rusting brass or stainless steel screw


I have talked to representatives of all four snowmobile manufacturers, Dealers, District Sales Managers, and Upper Management about the shims. I also know that customers have contacted all of them, which is probably why they started to listen. Ski-doo's attorney's used me and my website to help defend them from the Simmons law suit and I went into detail about the shims, with both sides. I did this without making a dime because of all the prior art that existed and because it was the right thing to do.

Some have shot and missed at the ski balance concept while others have taken another direction altogether with temporary fixes, with their own problematic issues.

To extend the life of the rubber stops reduce the pressure on the shims. This can be done by raising either the front or the rear of the sled.

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Temporary Fix    Simmons vs. Ski Doo
   Make it Work

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