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New Tuner Skis for Nytros


SnowGoer Magazine, March 2012, page 29

We've long been critical of Yamaha's choice of stock skis – in fact, swapping out the skis for various aftermarket options has been a first move with some of our demo models over the past 10 years, and we know we're not alone. A properly matched set of skis can have a huge impact on how a sled handles.

Finally, Yamaha is addressing the issue on its short – and mid-length Nytro models (meaning: all except the MTX) by installing the Tuner Dual-keel ski that first appeared in the company's accessory catalog last fall. With the ski, Yamaha officials are promising less darting, reduced steering effort and better, more predictable handling.

The Tuner ski features two keels measuring .82 inch deep, with a 1.3-inch channel between them. Each keel has its own runner. In stock form, the ski will come with 2 inches of carbide on the inside keel, but no carbide in the host bar on the outside keel. The boards earn their "Tuner" moniker because other runners are available – up to a square bar with 6 inches of carbide for the inside keel.

"The outside keel is really just for anit-darting, the inside keel is for steering, " said Rob Powers, snowmobile product manager. And despite many snowmobilers desire to add a bunch of carbide to the front end of their sleds, Powers says "less is more" when setting up Tuner skis.

"(The ski) radically changes how the Nytro feels," Powers said. "It's straight as an arrow, it's predictable, it won't dart." The FX Nytro RTX gets the skis plus separate hand and thumb warmer controls in 2013.

Scotts Comments

"Less is more", now that is just irresponsible!!! I wonder if he was able to keep a straight face. I wonder what he would say in a court of law? 2" of misplaced carbide can not control the heavy 4-stroke sleds. I would not recommend riding more than 10mph when the corners are icy, or more than 20mph on snow covered groomed trails. Absolutely, NO STUDS!!!

Adding the word "promising" seems a bit odd! Did they not mean it when they promoted the 2011 and 2012 power steering skis?

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