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MXZ 800 Sport, 2003

April 14, 2004


Your Triple Point Carbides (18") worked great. On the trail they acted very much like regular carbides except their performance never fell off...they seemed like new carbides all season long. I was surprised when I checked them yesterday...they look like they have virtually NO wear. Less than the first 1/4" of carbide shows any signs of wear at all. They also turned much better on nearly bare concrete when positioning for gas at the pumps. We had pretty good snow this year so that might have helped somewhat with the wear but they were still worn MUCH less than I expected!!

I put on about 1800 miles on the carbides. Also the rear of the wear bar behind the carbide seems to have very little wear so I guess your decision to not put hard surfacing there was right on.

I think this is a great product. The 18" Triple Points on the inside and regular 4" Bergstrom carbides on the outside of my Precision skis worked great. This combo will last next year no problem...maybe even longer.


Kerry J.

Manitoba, Canada

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