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February 5, 2005

Mr. Bergstrom,

I just wanted to do as I promised and keep you updated on the results of taking your advice and incorporating your wear bars, Ski Savers and balancing shims. Two weeks ago I ordered two sets of wear bars for both my wife's and my sled. Both of us have USI 301PX skis and found it difficult to turn after installing them. I found your website and spoke with you about this issue. Subsequently I purchased two sets of your wear-bars. Along with that you sent me two sets of Ski Savers and ski balancing shims along with instructions. I was a bit unsure about using the ski balancing shims, so I gave you a call. You explained in detail, how to install the shims and also explained how they would benefit the handling of the were right!

Thanks for all of your time and effort for both manufacturing an outstanding product but also for taking the time to explain the 'why' as well as the 'how to' for the correct installation of those products. The bottom line is that both of the snowmobile's hard steering problems are gone. This weekend we rode about 240 miles and there is negligible if any wear on the wear bars. I was able to put more weight on the front skis without compromising either handling or steering effort. Thanks for everything

Sean K.
Livonia, MI
(CH6-USI-3 with 1/4" Ski Savers)

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