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2001 Polaris XC-SP

Feb. 1, 2005


Well, I finally got out and put some serious miles in. I'd followed your suggestions with the shim, Ski Savers and rubber stop changes. I thought that there was some improvement but I had only ridden in the fields around the house, no real trails.

We rode 135 miles today in all sorts of conditions. Ice, hard-pack, loose snow, freshly groomed and very bumpy and I have to tell you that I am very impressed. The darting is gone, absolutely. I was even able to crank up the ski pressure to take advantage of the better bite that I am getting with the skis. I can even turn a bit on bare pavement, bare driveways at gas stations are no longer a problem. My only complaint is that with the better bite in the front end that now the back end looseness during cornering is more noticeable I'll address that next year since this year has been lacking in the department.

Thank you,

Jeff W.
Big East Show - Syracuse NY



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