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2003 Arctic Cat Z 570 ESR
February 20, 2005


I received a pair of your 4" Triple Point Carbides, a pair of 1/4" and 3/8" Ski Savers and shims last week for my 2003 Arctic Cat Z 570 ESR. I'm in SW New Hampshire and lately we've gone from deep powder, to warm temperatures, to rain, to near zero temps which turned the trails rock hard icy with only a dusting of powder snow on top.

I had been running 96 studs in my track with 6" Arctic Cat carbides on the stock blow molded skis. That combination helped a little with traction, braking and cornering but it was still hard to control, especially trying to get out of other ski tracks on the trails. The 6" carbides were no help with the steering and the front end still drifted in the corners which I think was due to the plastic skis.

I installed the 3/8" Ski Savers and the Triple Point Carbides and tried the sled out today on the trails on my property which are a combination of straight-a-ways, banked curves, tight hairpin and slow speed serpentine turns all through the woods. I had groomed and ridden on them before they turned to ice so there was lots of deep rock hard ski grooves on the which would have normally tossed the sled all over the place.

But now, what a difference! I used to work up a sweat doing the 2 mile loop around my lot, having to work and muscle the sled around. Now, it steers out of old ski tracks easily like they weren't there, even moving in and out of the new tracks I carved today was a breeze.

Of the hard trails on crusted snow, the Ski Savers lifted the ski bottoms off the snow surface. That should help with prolonging the ski life and the sled glided along with much less power as needed before. I managed to find some snow deep enough to get the skis right into it and the drifting on hard turns felt cut in half which had to be from the added surface area of the Ski Savers pushing against the snow. I haven't tried the shims you included, I first want to check the wear pattern on the carbides after a few miles and start from there.

From the limited ride today, I'm very impressed, especially with the increased feeling of control I felt. If we get enough snow to put some miles on, I believe I'll still be impressed. Thank you for products that fit, function and actually help. I'll spread the word.


Bruce A.

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