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Customer uses ONE pair of wear rods on three different sleds!

October 18, 1999

Dear Mr. Bergstrom:

I have never written to a manufacturer before to compliment them on the performance of their products. I am doing so now because I am very impressed with the life of my 10" carbide Bergstrom Skegs. 

The same pair of skegs have been on three of my sleds.  I purchased the skegs January '97 along with 480 Trail Grabbers for my '96 Thundercat. I am a very aggressive trail rider and handling with this combination was wonderful. 

After roughly 4300 miles on my '96 T-Cat, I modified the skegs to fit the plastic skis on my '96 ZRT600 running 192 studs. If you look (skegs enclosed), you'll notice the mounting bolts were moved to fit the plastic skis. 

On the ZRT, I added another 600 miles before putting the skegs on my new '98 T-Cat. The modification here was to angle the back of the skegs for reversing which this sled is equipped with. 

On the '98 T-Cat, I was also running the Trail Grabbers. This sled also handles superbly with the combination. With this sled I have added another 1938 miles before removing them to send to you for observation. All total, I have put almost 7000 miles on this set of Bergstrom Skegs

As you can see, all of the carbide is still intact. In fact, I probably have another 1000 to 2000 miles of use left in them. Which reminds me, I have a year 2000 Pantera 1000cc snowmobile on order that they will fit on. Therefore, I'll need them back before the snow falls. Thank you for making such a quality product.

Llash V.R.

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