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Formula III, 1996

September 21, 1999

Dear Scott, 

Nearing another snowmobile season, I thought I'd check my carbides and studs as usual. After removal of the "eight inch Bergstrom Skegs" I was very pleased to see that all segments of carbides were present and in very good shape.

Considering the riding conditions were less than good last year, I think you have something to brag about. The last 600 miles in the Michigan UP, around Grand Marais and Munising, riding through mud and gravel roads, lots of cement parking lots and gas stations. I know that every snowmobiler has seen these conditions, reminds me of your recommendation for stainless steel Fast Trac studs, was also an excellent idea. I used 192 studs last year and I am going to use the same ones this year. They are still in great shape! I believe I've never run the same studs two years in a row.

Your traction equipment does an excellent job on my '96 FIII 600 Ski-doo. The addition of the E.T.S. Suspension, and a slightly warmed over engine, with comparable clutch tuning, requires excellent traction and control products.

Thanks, again, Scott for your help. Keep up the great work. I would recommend your products to anyone that will listen.

Jim R

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