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Dec. 29, 2008

Hi Scott,

I wanted to let you know how well my new setup is working on my 08 Yamaha Nytro. Last year I experienced the same issues that many Nytro owners have discussed on the blogs and forums. Poor handling, darting, etc. have been frequent buzzwords. I enjoyed my first season with my sled, but knew there might be a better ride available. This summer I purchased a set of SlyDog 6" race skis. I was looking for the increased floatation these offer as well as a bit more stiffness to the ski. I then spoke with you and you recommended I put on the Bergstrom Ski Savers and also the Triple Point carbides. Well let me tell you, WOW! I have found that the darting has gone away. My ability to set my own course on the trail is awesome. The tightness of my turns on hard pack surfaces is amazing! Where my friends are doing three point turns on roads, I am cutting a tight u-turn. I smile every time we cross a road and someone doesn't aim right and has to dismount and redirect their sled. I can STEER on blacktop! You make a fantastic product which offers a real solution to a problem that we all seem to face. Thanks for putting the experience into our hobby. You definitely make it more fun!

Jim E.

Saratoga Springs, NY


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