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2008 RS Venture

Sun, Mar 10, 2013


Hey Scott,

I purchased a set of 8" triple point carbides from you and actually had the pleasure of speaking to you on the phone. I have a 2008 RS Venture and it was awful when it came to darting. I put in your shims, carbides, and ski-savers and oh my god it was a different machine. I just came back from a 650 mile trip with some friends up at Moosehead Lake in Maine and it was for the first time enjoyable. I actually will keep this machine now. Thanks so much for all of your help and you are monumental to this sport. Please keep doing what you do and I look forward to buying your skegs for life.

Bob B
Middleboro, MA

P.S. all of my friends are going to purchase your skegs too because they were so impressed. I was cornering like never before. I crossed the lake at 70 mph and with only one hand, I could barely hold on before with two hands going 35 mph.


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