1994 VMAX 600
March 4, 2009

Hi Scott,

A couple of weeks back we spoke about darting issues with my sled. I got the triple point carbides, thicker ski savers and shim.

I also added some steel shims in the “pogo” steering linkages that had some play.

Even though the rubber stops do not typically needs shims, they were compressed, so I added a thin shim with screws and some gasket glue.

Results…. It was a new sled…

We had temperatures in Maine of 41 with light rain before a freeze of 12 degrees over the weekend which meant ice in the corners and “rink ice” on the frozen lakes.

The carbides performed extremely well. I could turn on pavement, ice and transitional areas on the trail. I did not have studs and had the oldest sled in our group. Even still, I had the best control and maintained a confident speed through the turns allowing me to keep up and stay ahead of some sleds that were a whole class above.

“Slow is fast” in the corners. And the difference with the carbides was amazing. Darting was all but gone and I could blow down the straights with one hand on the handlebars if I had to.

Everyone in the group including two brand new sled owners could not believe the performance and should be calling on you sometime soon.

Overall, the transformation was dramatic. The before and after was stunning and the conditions during the “after” trial were about ten times worse, making it all the more impressive.

What can I say but thanks! Your product is one of the best additions I could have made. It makes me faster and safer at the same time. I read your web site top to bottom, it’s all true. I only regret that I didn’t do this sooner.

Thanks again!
John S.
Brooklyn, CT


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