1995 ZR 580
October 6, 2005


Last year I talked to you about darting problems I was having.  I have a 1995 ZR that would dart wherever it felt on the trail.  I tried everything to resolve my situation, new skis, checked my tow in, larger carbides, spring rate pressure, everything.  To say the least, it made snowmobiling miserable. 


In fact, I bought a 2002 MXZ with Precision skis because my Arctic Cat was very hard to drive.  When I would take my wife along on trips, she made me give her my new sled and I had to take the Cat.  Last year I followed your suggestions of shimming the back of the ski down and adding Ski Savers.  Wow, what a difference, my sled now tracks very true. 


I brought my brother up north last year and gave him the choice of sleds.  Every time he jumped on the Cat because he said it didn’t wander all over the place.  I am amazed at how easy a fix it was and I just wanted to make a point of thanking you!



Dan N.

Sheboygan, WI


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