1997, Yamaha XTC and 2001, SX-R
Feb 15,2001


We talked on the phone for sometime last week and you sent me some Ski Savers.
They came in on Thursday just as we were pulling out to head to the Houton MI in the Upper Peninsula.

When we arrived at our destination we put them on two of the three sleds.

We put the 3/8” pair on my 1997 Yamaha XTC and the ¼” 2001 Yamaha SX-R and left the third Yamaha XTC without.

We wanted to be able to compare the two sleds with the Ski Savers and the one without.

The riding conditions were excellent with no ice.

Within the first hour it was very apparent how well the Ski Savers were working.

They almost completely eliminated darting on the sleds that we had installed them on.

We took turns following each other on well groomed trails.

When you watched the sled without the Ski Savers go over the trails it was obvious that the rider was having trouble with darting. The sleds with Ski Savers in front of him and behind him going over the same trails barely went off track.

This made for a very enjoyable ride for the entire four days we were sledding.

Another advantage we found with the Ski Savers was in the turns.

Everyone these days, wants to put the longest carbide runners on the ski.

This may work well if you are running on ice but really is not much help in good conditions.

We found that the Ski Savers improved the turning performance in the turns while running on good snow.

Your product made our riding experience very enjoyable for the entire ride and I would not even think of taking one of my sleds out without having Ski Savers on them.

I forgot to mention also that they protect the ski from premature wear.

Again thanks for making a great product.

Bruce S.
Livonia, MI


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