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1998 Arctic Cat ZL 500

Feb 10, 2013


3 years ago, I bought a used ZL 500, which ran great, but darted all over the place. On a groomed trail, with many tracks on it, it would throw me side to side. Even after I adjusted the toe-out on the skis, it was better but still not satisfactory. After posting a few questions on Arcticchat.com, someone referred me to Bergstrom Skegs. I called Scott and he asked all kinds of questions about it and he recommended his Good-n-Ugly skegs with 8" carbide, 1/4" Ski Savers, and Shims for the rubber stops. The installation was a breeze, and WOW- what a difference! Went riding today on some heavily used trails and the darting was GONE! I was cruising along and I noticed that I was doing 60 - so (because Scott said I could) - I took my left hand off the bars and she flew straight and true. Just got home and had to tell my story. Scott Bergstrom is the king-guru, and expert extraordinaire of snowmobile handling!

Don P
Big Falls, NY



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