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Grand Touring 583, 1999

Jan 21, 2012


Handling problem: Severe darting on trails with grooves by other sleds.

Suspension mods/ payload

  1. Rear swing arm upper pivot position lowered to optional mounting holes provided by factory in rear brackets – 1" drop.
  2. 168 studs in center belt -1/4" above stock track lugs (height .72").
  3. Torsion springs upgraded to heaviest available. (standard springs for GT 700). Payload capacity increase: 59 lbs.
  4. Extra payload at luggage rack: custom mounted electric winch – 1.5 gal fuel container – recover gear bag. Added weight: 43 lbs.

Service work – Worn bushing ('cushions') replaced at center steering arm and ski pivot bolts – ski toe-out alignment.

Upgrades – Bergstrom 6" Triple Point carbides – Ski Savers – shims.

Test conditions – Hard-pack trails – 1 and 2 riders – ski spring preload settings: #1 and #2.

Test results – Handling extremely responsive – no push – low steering effort – darting almost non- existant.

Additional Test Result:

Two newbies never drove a sled, (one age 51, drives BMW 645), (other age 21, drives5 series). Both are 'natural' drivers. They rent a 2010 GT 550F – suspension is properly adjusted – factory dual wear bars in good condition. Each guy rides it for 20 miles on groomed trails and off-trail over challenging terrain. Then each guy rides the 99 GT 583 mentioned above for 20 miles on the same trails.

Question: If both sleds were new in the showroom, which would you buy?

Response: Both say they would choose the 1999 GT without hestation.

"The 2010 drives like a good SUV. The 1999 drives like a sports car – responds immediately to every input – more fun to drive."

I could not be more pleased.

Thanks again Scott,
Mark M.

Bay City, MI


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