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1999 Arctic Cat Powder Special / 600cc

Feb. 2002



You may not remember me but last year I bought some of your carbide screws and skegs in preparation to my running in the 1000 mile Irondog race from Wasilla Alaska to Nome. I installed 396 screws in my 136 inch finger track and put on your 6 inch skegs. They were a perfect match. The trail conditions varied from powder to glare ice on the rivers to about 60 miles of gravel and frozen tundra. The screws worked great. I didn't lose any screws, not one. I now have about 2000 miles on the same track. I just checked my track and I still have all the screws. My machine is a 1999 Arctic Cat Powder Special 600cc. I just thought I would let you know how they performed. Thanks for all your help.

John E
Anchorage, Alaska



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