2000 Thundercat

March 7, 2000


My 2000 Thundercat was very bad for darting on the trail.  It was to the point that it was not enjoyable to even drive.  I installed the 3/8” Ski Savers and shims you had sent me.


My trip was 750 km in 2 days and was in various conditions and at all speeds.  Most of the speeds were between 80 and 100 mph.  It was a very fast trip as a lot of it was on lakes, rail beds and pipe lines.  There were some slower areas in tight spots also which I found the Ski Savers never hindered the cornering of the machine through the whole trip.  I followed various sleds with dual runners and single runners and I can honestly say that my machine never darted or followed any tracks on the whole trip.  If I did it would have been so slight that I never noticed it.  I am totally convinced that they work and would recommend them to anyone they are a cheap fix for a very annoying problem that can make anybody’s sledding experience a joy instead of a work out or horror story.  If you were to rate them on a scale of 1 to 10 for the difference they have made on my sled I would have to say there are a 10.  In my opinion they made a 100% difference.


Thanks again

Haven H.


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