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Legend 500, 2002, & MXZ,670

Feb. 19, 2010


Last year I talked to you about the severe darting problem I had on my 2002 Legend 500. I live in the UP of MI, and sled on groomed trails. You suggested I purchase the 3/8" Ski Savers with "shims." I bought two pair, one set for me and the other for a friend who had bought an identical sled from me.

When I received the package (fast shipping) I immediately installed the Ski Savers and shims on my sled. The effect was dramatic. Darting was all but eliminated. I tried to convince my buddy to install the Ski Savers on his sled but he procrastinated.

This year we had a chance to swap sleds on the trail and he was blown away. When we got back to the garage our priority was to install the Ski Savers and shims on his sled. He was so impressed he even had me order Ski Savers" for his 670 MXZ." We received the Ski-Savers two days later. Again the result was dramatic.

It amazed us how such an inexpensive, simple product can make sledding much safer and a lot more fun. Thank you again for your time and your product.

Once again, I want to say, Thank You, Thank You

Bill M.
Paradise, MI



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