Polaris, 2002 - XC700-Edge

March 21, 2007

The seasons over with 3,591 miles on the skis with Ski Savers. I can say they worked real good in all conditions. There was no more pushing in the corners. This is a 2002, XC700 with 1 ¼” ripsaw, I’m not sure if you remember me but I wasn’t sure what I needed so you sent me a couple Ski Savers & the 8 inch bars which held up good for this poor snow season. I set my suspension at the beginning of the year & never messed with it again, although I did think about tightening up the front track spring as it turned great with some heavy steering in some heavy snow but I figured the bars would wear & they would lighten up. For the most part it stayed the same, but I still left it because I liked having control over my sled & went with the work out when the snow was heavy.

Brad B.
Montrose, MI

Set-up used - CH8-H04-P with Ski Savers and shims


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