Legends, 2002




Thanks so much for the help. I live in the U.P. of Michigan. Our annual snow fall is over 200 inches. Groomed trails and lots of snow brings sledders to the area. My “darting” problem was so bad on my 2002 Ski Doo I actually thought of giving up the sport. A sad thought for me…….I’ve been sledding since 1965.

I purchased the “Ski Savers” and “shims” for 2 identical snowmobiles…2002 Ski Doo, Legends, 500 fan. (When my stock of wear bars are gone I’ll order your “Triple Points”).

I first changed one sled and took to the trails. Unbelievable how something so inexpensive, easy to change can make such a difference. 30mph, 40mph, 50-70mph – NO DARTING. Nada

My joy of sledding is back!

Thank you, Thank you.

Bill M
Paradise, MI


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