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2003 Arctic Cat F7 Sno-Pro - with Shaper Bars

Feb 6, 2012




I live and ride in New England and I currently ride a 2003 Arctic Cat F7 Sno-Pro. I purchased the sled in early January 2011. The sled had 7.5" Shapers on the skis and I used them for the remaining 2011 season.

I experienced the usual excessive "darting" and "grabbing" while riding a variety of trail conditions. The inherent "tippy" nature of the F7, due to a narrow track (13.5"), was very noticeable when running the Shapers.

Particularly in hard pack, the Shapers would cause a sudden "hook up" feeling on the inside ski during turns, and force an immediate release of the throttle, straightening of the skis and shift of body weight to put the outside ski back onto the ground.

Needless to say, the inside ski "hook up" while turning and constant, exhausting "darting" made for a long day of trail riding.

One "advantage" of these problems, if I can call it that, was the endless topics of conversation I could provide with friends during stops throughout the day. I often mentioned the "icy corner at the bottom of the steep section a few miles back which I couldn't make " or "Its tough riding behind so and so because his machine leaves deep grooves which are trying to steer my sled for me".

After much research and thought, I came across "Bergstrom Skegs". I read the theory and science behind Bergstroms products and decided to give it a try.

When I called to order the "carbides" I was very impressed with the detailed questions regarding riding style, terrain most often ridden, rider weight, machine type, etc.

I ordered the 8 inch "Triple Point" bars with Ski Savers and ski cushion shims.

After 149 mile ride this weekend, 02/04/12, on the same 2003 F7, all I can say is, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!

It is in no way an exaggeration to say my sled is like a new and different machine! I am absolutely sold for life on Bergstrom Skegs!

The darting was virtually ELIMINATED! The sketchy cornering was smooth and predictable. A wonderful feeling of control and confidence washed over me almost immediately.

Last year, a 100 mile ride would leave its mark within my arm and leg muscles. The constant darting would cause tired and sore arms after a day of riding. The constant shifting of body weight to compensate for the ski lift and darting in corners made my legs tired after a day of riding.

After 149 miles of hard, fast riding Saturday, I was ready for another 150 miles Sunday after installing the FANTASTIC Bergstrom Skegs Triple Points.

I am a casual, lifelong snowmobile guy. I like riding with friends in the woods of Maine and have no other stake in Bergstrom or any other company or product.

I just felt so appreciative and happy with the unbelievable performance and fantastic handling of Bergstrom Skegs that I was excited to provide you with my two cents.

Thank you again for a truly amazing product which has changed my sledding experience forever!

Yours truly,Eric G
Coventry, RI



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