2003 Ski Doo Rev.

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Rev, 2003

January 11, 2006


Hey Scott,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for solving our darting problem. We bought my wife a 2003 Ski Doo Rev brand new. She was a new rider and hated the sled because she never felt like she was in control. I was always apprehensive to buy new skis unless I knew for sure it would fix it. I asked you about options to solve it and you had me put on two triple edge carbides on the inside of each ski and install your ski shims. I was expecting it to improve somewhat but the results totally exceeded my expectations. It now drives like a train with absolutely no darting at all. She feels, like she is actually in control now and loves the sled totally changing the whole riding experience. Thank you so much for fixing our problems. I'm sold on the shims!

Thanks, Bill and Tina H
Ashland WI

PS. Her sled now also will turn on concrete with the new carbides. She's the only one driving around the gas station parking lots while everyone else is dragging their sleds around to get to and from the gas pumps.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The set for my Pilot skis worked awesome also. It's like riding a whole new sled. I never really had any complaints with mine but just needed new ones due to mine being worn out. But it definitely steers and handles a lot better with your set up vs. the stock set up. Also my last ride of the year involved several miles along side of a state Hwy next to Lake Superior where we had to keep going up onto the blacktop and then cross the concrete bridges and it was nice being able to steer without having any snow. I've referred a few other friends to your website for their future carbides and darting problems. Thanks for all your help!

Bill and Tina H
Ashland, WI

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