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Rev 800, 2003
Feb. 15, 2004


I thought I would send a report on your Advantage 3 carbide runners. I am Dave from Oakville, Canada and purchased your product just before leaving for my big trip - thanks for sending them out so fast.

I installed the Advantage 3 18" carbides on the inside of my precision skis only. These carbides work!!! I got great traction in all riding conditions with little to no evidence of any wear after 600 miles of riding. It is true that the outside carbide on the precision ski basically does nothing. I was also able to turn on asphalt in and around gas stations which is a bonus.


I also installed your shim kit to tilt the skis 40/60 towards the front, and it too made a big difference with handling. The most noticable difference was that it was effortless to pop the skis out of similar ski ruts reducing darting dramatically.

In short, your products work better than any other traction system that I have used. I think you're onto a great idea with the Advantage 3 carbide runners. Will recommend your products to all my friends.

Dave C
Oakville, ON, Canada


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