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2004 Arctic Cat, Firecat 700

April 8, 2013

Dear Sir,
I wanted to take a moment and let you know how much we like your Triple Point Carbides. Let me start from the beginning. I own a 2004 Artic Cat Firecat 700. When I first started riding it I really liked it except for the darting. When I say it darted I mean holy cow! So to help that we tried Woody's Dooly's. They all but eliminated the darting, but it also eliminated the control and the sled began to push like crazy. This was not an answer.

So the next attempt was to try Woody's "Slim Jims" and they definitely improved the cornering but they brought another problem with them. They tend to drag and make the
sled hop to the side for no apparent reason. They are catching on the random hard pack
in the trail and that is unsettling at speed. I found one other problem with them, they will get debris stuck in between the "rails" and when that happens the sled turns one way and you can barely keep it on the trail.

Finally I found Bergstrom Skegs. They eliminated 99% of the darting, the control came back, they seem to glide effortlessly, and most of all the sled felt planted! Both mine and my wife's sled have them and we love them and we won't ride without them!

Mark H
Turners Falls, MA



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