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GSX 600 (Pink), 2004

Jan 15, 2012


(Darting and horrible steering problems.)


Dear Scott,

After finding you at the end of the 2011 season, and ordering a set of shims, Triple Point carbides for my sled we finally installed them this season. After you read my horrible adventure with my darting sled, you knew just how to fix the problem. The shims and Triple Point carbides for my GSX did it. I am only getting back to you now, since this season only took off last week. Let me tell you that my husband was skeptical, especially when we called you, for the best explanation and directions on installation EVER, "GREAT SERVICE"!

After waiting till this year to try my sled with your shims and carbides I was AMAZED! I believe in your products and couldn't Dream of better results. My sled does not only handle like a Dream, now the darting is a thing of the past. It can handle any condition. I can now follow any sled and no longer worry. I can now enjoy snowmobiling without worrying about Darting and Turning. I believe your shims are the best thing to fix my problems.

I tell everyone about you and everyone that has tried my sled can't believe its awesome New handling.

I will be a faithful customer forever!

ST. Sulpice, Quebec

PS : Thank you for the new shims for my husbands sled. He is going to install them since he can't get over how well his old sled handles now.


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