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Rev. GSX/Pilot Ski's, 2004
XLT, 1998

April 5, 2009


Since receiving the two sets of Ski Savers and two sets of shims this past winter, I was able to get out for a week long ride with some buddies (perfect snow conditions), and a week with my family in warm and melting conditions. I put the ¼" Ski Savers on my 2004 Rev GSX and the 3/8" on my 1998 Polaris XLT. Bottom line, - these products WORKED AS PROMISED! The darting and twitching that was so prevalent before, especially on the Rev, was now 95% eliminated. What a pleasure it was to ride this sled now. I found I could look around at the scenery more not having to fight the sled to hold a line. No more "white knuckles " on the bars when approaching traffic on narrow trails. Best of all, far less fatigue at the end of a full days ride! No more feeling like you just spent time riding a paint mixer.

I purchased the REV last year from a longtime friend who owned it since new. He spent 4 years trying to tame the front end. Various suspension set ups resulting in little change. He upgraded to the newer shorter springs and shocks for the front end and even purchased Pilot skis to replace the stock Precision skis. A lot of money spent and still did not get the results he was looking for. He came along for the weeks ride just after I installed your products. When we switched sleds partway through the first day, that was the last I rode the GSX until the following day. I couldn't get him off his old sled. He could not believe the difference. No more twitching, darting and jumping around, even on trails with lots of ruts and ski grooves. And, he could not believe that I had achieved these results with $15.00 worth of product. He had spent hundreds of dollars trying to get these results and had come up short. Thank you Scott.

As far as the durability, I cannot offer any feedback at this time as I have not put on enough miles in "not so good" conditions. The week I spent with my family in March, we did not put on a lot of miles. We spent several days fishing the hardwater, much to the delight of our palates. There is nothing quite like fresh walleye right out of frigid cold water into the pan! Much of our riding was on the lakes and short bush trails that inter-connect the lakes. I can say that the ski skins on the XLT were shot and hence replaced by your Ski Savers. From a strictly value point, it made more sense to use $15 Ski Savers rather than $60 ski skins. Add to that the true benefit of the Ski Savers – reduced darting and easier steering, and it's a no-brainer. As I already said, your products work as promised. I have purchased numerous products over my 30 plus years of snowmobiling and not all have performed like the sales person said they would. I am glad I found your website mentioned on a snowmobile talk forum and decided to give you a call. I will be calling you first when it comes time to replace my current set of carbide runners.

Dave M
London, On, Canada


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