2004 Polaris Switchback
March 20, 2008


Dear Scott,


I received the carbide for my 04 Polaris Switchback about three weeks ago.  First thing I noticed was the amount of carbide on each rod.  The Triple Point Carbides were so much more than I expected.  My skis have twin carbides on them and was told that with these carbides I would not need both.  So I placed my best of my old and almost nonexistent carbide on the outside of each ski. 


The same day I put them on I did some river riding with only a small amount of snow cover and I was very impressed with the performance of the Bergstrom Triple Points, I could turn and the very tight radius cornering was fantastic. 


Since then I have been trail riding on trails with icy corners and was very happy with the fact that I had the control I was looking for and the amount of darting I was experiencing before changing my carbides was completely goneI would highly recommend these carbides to anyone.



Barry K

Coon Rapids, MN


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