2004 Sabercat 500

February 23, 2009


Hi Scott,

Now that I’ve used my triple Skegs I figured I would leave you feedback.

I would like to give anyone who’s interested in a woman’s point of view, MY FEEDBACK. I ride a 2004 Arctic Cat Saber Cat 500. I have always hated LEFT turns (I make everyone aware of it who’s following me, because of the control issue, for whatever reason left more-so than right). Also “everyone” who has ever followed me has commented to my husband about checking to see if my alignment was correct because going through any straight aways, I’m always “what I call” SKATING (my husband calls it darting) or slightly zig zagging (sliding into everyone else’s grooves).

Well I can tell you that after having the Triples, with the shims and ski savers installed and a 400 mile trip in the U.P. of Michigan which has many trails that are converted railroad tracks, as well as some of the most beautiful WINDING trails. I had a completely different ride, and I’m the original owner of my 2004. When I wanted to ride straight down the middle of a trail I DID. When I wanted to make a left turn or right for that matter I DID, the sled and ski’s went where I wanted to, not pushing and landing me with my sled kissing a tree. Everyone on our trip commented on the change in control from our big trip only 1 month earlier.

I can’t see how anyone, man or woman not wanting this type of control. And don’t get me started, on Customer Service, Scott Bergstrom is amazing, he’ll take care of you, I told him what I rode, how much I weighed and he recommended the size Skegs that would best work for me.


Karen in Des Plaines, IL


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