MXZ 800 X, 2004
Feb. 14, 2006


Just a quick thanks for your help in setting up my sled. I appreciate the fact that you took the time out of your busy day to talk to me, and based on our conversation, we came up with the optimum combination of skegs and shims for my machine.
2004 Ski Doo Rev
MXZ 800 X Package
Precision Skis

I’ve finally had a chance to set it up properly. I received your new 24” Triple Point Carbides in December, 2005, but didn’t get a chance to ride it until January 28th, 2006. Who would of thought we wouldn’t have enough snow in Buffalo, NY, in January to ride. Anyway here are the vitals;
My age= 48
My height= 5’5”
My weight = 160 lbs
Type of riding = Aggressive Trail Riding

Ski set up
24” Triple Point Carbides on the inside
4” single point carbides on the outside
Ski shimmed as per your instructions

Sled Set-up
1.25 stock Ski Doo track
96 Woody’s studs up the middle
Front shocks set at 1.5 – Higher resulted in excessive ski pressure
Center straps lengthened one hole from stock setting – Stock length or shorter resulted in excessive ski pressure
Coupling block thicker side facing backward – Downward resulted in insufficient ski pressure
Rear shock is one notch from the top – proper sag setting for my weight & eliminates bottoming

I’ve ridden about 400 miles with the new skegs & shims. After arriving at the set-up, one change at a time, I’m extremely satisfied with your product and the way it transformed my Rev from an ill mannered and uncontrollable (extreme understeer coupled with excessive ski lift and high speed darting) machine, to a highly stable and predictable sled that goes where I pointed it. I’m experiencing a fair amount of track sliding in the corners from the inertia created when the skis out grip the track. I may add more studs to compensate for this. I’m not sure, it’s still kind of fun and somewhat controllable. At high speeds (105 mph on GPS), and in a straight line, it’s extremely stable and tractable, with all noticeable darting eliminated. I’m still experiencing some inside ski lift on aggressive sharp turns in the woods, but I’m not willing to sacrifice flick-ability in tight turns by adjusting the suspension to increase ski pressure and reduce the ski lift. Suspension changes are all a trade-off. This set-up allows me to optimize the potential of my machine in the woods, with just the slightest of trade-off in high speed turns in open country.

In closing, I just wanted to thank you again for your vast product knowledge and professionalism. I was considering multiple (read expensive) ski design alternatives prior to our conversation. Ski-Doo’s Precision skis are fundamentally a good design. You saved me hundreds of dollars by getting them to perform to their maximum potential. These days it’s rare indeed to find someone like yourself, who is absolutely committed to customer satisfaction. A lot of people claim to be, but few deliver on the promise.

Scott D.
Buffalo, NY


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