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2005 Sabercat 600 LXR

Nov. 1, 2010



I first was introduced to you and your product at the open house at Loves Park Motorsports in the Fall of 2005 by Dave Jack. You spoke with me about the difference your Triple Point Carbides make in the handling of the sled. My wife was in an ATV accident a few years before and was having a hard time riding sleds unless the conditions were absolutely perfect. With the fractures of a vertebra, she could no longer "muscle" the sled around. I thought that maybe a new sled would help which it did somewhat but when I installed your Triple Points on her Sabercat 600 LXR 05 sled she said it cornered like it was on rails.

I was running (and had been for many years) Woodys and/or Arctic Cat carbides on my sleds (I own 4) and typically went through 2 set each year. Mind you my sleds are kept in Northern WI and conditions are usually better than average. The Woody's carbides would wear to the bar the first couple of inches of carbide and I would have to put new ones on to get any turning ability no matter how I adjusted the suspension and the sleds would have a tendency to dart.

At the end of the first year my wife rode with your Triple Points, about 1,200 miles, my wife's carbides were still like brand new and I had gone through 2 sets on my other sleds. Finally I rode her sled and I could not believe it! What a difference in cornering ability, crossing roads and in icy conditions. Since that time I have run the Triple Points on all my sleds along with the Ski Savers and shims. The shims are key as the carbide wear evenly and the whole carbide is working to control the sled and not just the front part of the carbide and the Ski Savers help too.

Well last weekend, I took the Triple Points off the Sabercat getting her ready for this season. Nearly 5,000 miles later they are still in good shape. I am actually going to bring them in to show you. I can't tell you or anyone enough that although a little more investment upfront, in the long run, they have not only saved me money, but have made the riding experience more enjoyable for my whole family. One set of carbides and 4 seasons of riding, WOW! If conditions are marginal, before I knew I was going through a set of carbides, now I go and just have fun.

Thanks for such a great product!

Kevin P.
Winnebago, IL
Lac du Flambeau, WI



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