Sabercat 700 EFI, 2005

144” track, 1” lugs with 114 studs

July 21, 08


Hell-o Scott,


After a terrible season of sliding through corners and feeling like a girl who couldn’t handle the bigger sled, I called Scott.  I told him my experience level, riding style, average season miles and the story of the unhappy winter.  He promised to help me.  Scott asked what kind of sled, how many studs and where I would be riding (trail/mountain/boon docking).  He recommended 6” Triple Points, Ski Savers and shims and told me I would be able to keep up with the guys all winter despite the fact I was riding a big sled with an extended track.


Most of the group rode @ 1,200 miles for the season a few topped 2,000 and I was one of the lucky ones who went on every trip and rode 2,600 miles for the 08 winter.  Not one mile was ridden at home, we had ice and rain.  It was all in Canada and my Triple Points look like new.


The handling was noticeably improved, I stuck every corner and the control was great.  Even after a big season, the wear bars look great; there is lots of life still in them.  There is one nick and I know just where it happened – we rode 2+ miles through Rimouski on the sidewalks and streets to get to our hotel and the next morning, I didn’t square my sled to the sidewalk after crossing a 4 lane road in morning traffic.  I hit the curb really hard and the re-bar was exposed under the concrete.  The hit rattled my teeth – that’s where I nicked the carbide.


The Gaspe loop was really hard on wear bars, there were tons of road crossings, riding through towns, bare parking lots and plowed roads in and out of towns.  The worst part about coming into a town on a bare road was knowing you were going to have to do it again tomorrow.  We had sleds overheating from lack of snow on these roads and my Triple Points look like they are ready to do it again and again!


I would strongly recommend Scott’s system to anyone who is tired of icy corners and wearing out carbides every year.  You have nothing to lose, he stands behind his word!

I gave shims to two friends and they loved them!

Thanks for everything,


Will call in a few years for more……………


Amy A.

Madison TWP, PA


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