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2006 Arctic Cat Z440

Feb. 7, 2013


Just wanted to let you know I have ridden my sled three times now since you sent me the triple point carbides, shims and ski savers. The result is amazing. I explained before about the darting, pushing thru corners and just a total feeling of not being in control at moderate speeds, well that has completely changed. Prior to the changes my top speed was 35-40mph and it was not a comfortable feeling and I got totally left behind. Yesterday I went 55mph and didn't realize it because it felt good and I felt safely in control. I can stay with the group and no darting.

Three others actually rode my sled the first day I had them on because mine was the only one not darting on a very hard packed trail. We will be going to Gaylord, MI and I'm sure others will be trying my sled - its all I can talk about because the change is like night and day.

If men want their girlfriends and wives to enjoy snowmobiling - first - they need to put your products on for stability and control and second - warm gear - and then there should be no reason not to love this sport. I'm hooked and can't get enough.

I sincerely want to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and explain the mechanics of it. This is my first snowmobile and I am still in the process of learning how it works and how to adjust it for me and the best ride I can get. I still am shaking my head and feel like I just won a lottery. Oh, and when a friend of ours asked a mechanic about your products they were described as the "Cadillac" of carbides - and in our group that's a very high compliment.

I can't say thank you enough


Kathy M.
La Porte, IN



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