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2003 and 2006 Polaris 500 Classics

February 2, 2014


Not sure if you remember me but Thanks?

I had been out of the sport for 25 years and bought a 2003 Polaris 500 Classic used with 4800 miles on it from a local dealer. I brought it home and drove it around in the hay field but immediately noticed a darting issue. Thinking maybe the lack of decent snow was the cause I dismissed it.

2 days later I found a 2006 Polaris 500 Classic with same miles on it and brought it home and rode in the same area, switching off between the two and we immediately found a difference in the handling as the 2006 did not dart at all. So logic says this one is for my boy and I would ride the darting 2003 sled.

Every time we would go out riding for about 75 miles a ride I was exhausted from fighting the sled, and my boy was wondering why we were done riding as he was not tired. He also was always tight on my behind, every time I looked in my mirrors. Finally one day we switched sleds-first time we did this on the trail in over 800 miles in this 2013-2014 season. After we got 5 miles down the trail he was nowhere to be seen so I pulled over and he wanted his sled back, said mine handled bad. I also realized that if I continued leading with his sled he was going to get injured as I was pushing him harder  than he could ride the 2003.

I decided to address the darting. Only difference was that the 2003 had a single runner and the 2006 had doubles. I went to the dealer to see what they said, and they immediately wanted t sell me doubles. I had been extensively involved in snowmobiles 25 years ago and knew singles should handle fine if everything is set up right. I was not gong to spend that kind of money on a patch, I needed to fix the problem!

An internet search continued to bring your product as the solution. I talked extensively to you on the phone early one morning and you told me what the problem was, what to look for and shipped me the parts I needed (skegs, shims, and savers-all but the skegs ). You advised me to get new spindle rubber pads when I reassemble it as I would find the old ones worn as they were most likely the main problem. $28 later I picked up a set of rubbers.

I pulled the ski's off and sure enough, rubbers were worn 1/4 inch into the back, front half of skegs were worn through carbides and center and back were like new. I installed the skims and rubbers, pondered a while and decided to reuse the old skegs and install 1/4" shims (hate to throw half a skeg away).  Reinstalled ski's and verified the toe out, checked the "ski balance" to see that they are sitting even now and they are sitting like they should be.

Next we go on a 80 mile run and "OH MY GOD" your system has transformed this sled into a new machine, handling with only a couple fingers instead of a death grip!

My boy seems to have a harder time keeping up with the 2006 Polaris classic 500, so I will have to get new rubbers and install the parts you provided for his also. Once his carbides wear down I will be contacting you for a set of carbides (he has doubles but I believe you said I can convert it back to one, and the ski savers you provided are for singles) He would not let me touch his unless it fixed mine.

Yesterday I went on a ride with some friends, was told it would be 100 miles, trails were good and before you know it 175 miles later we were home, I was not tired, and looking  for more miles! Still amazed at the transformation 400+ miles after installing your parts.

I now have about 400+ miles on your ski savers and shims, still running the old carbides. Your system has transformed my 2003 into a machine I will now keep, I really thought I had made a bad purchase for this sled and thought I was going to need to trade it off as there was something dangerously wrong with it and I was going to get hurt. Now with your system it handles so good I cannot see how a new machine could handle any better. It is light on the steering, corners great and goes where I put it! Freshly groomed trails that I was afraid to go over 30 mph due to darting I routinely find myself looking at the speedometer and I am now going 50+ AND doing it one handed! It is like going from manual steering to power steering on a car!

I have fixed this for under $50. I would have spent well over $100 for double skegs and probably still had an issue had I not found your site and your knowledge.

Once again THANK YOU!



James S.
Marshfield, WI


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