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2006 Polaris 600 HO Fusion

March 14, 2011


I have a 2006 Polaris 600 HO Fusion (all stock), I have been trying everything to get it to either quit pushing through the corners or after I adjust some things to quit darting and heavy steering. I am to stubborn to want to spend the money on buying new skis or new spindles. I had been reading some forums about how these sleds handle and your name kept coming up so I decided to give you a call. You had suggested that I try the shims and ski savers. I received the package in the mail within a few days.

Here is my review.

I received your shims and ski savers for my 2006 Polaris 600 Fusion (all stock except I have studs down the middle of the track and 8" carbides). After I received them last year I was only able to put on about 50-100 miles before the snow melted. I have about 1500 miles on them this year and after many of adjustments, this sled handles awesome now. Before the shims and ski savers my carbides would wear out only in the front and I was struggling with the handling of the sled. I was constantly trying to adjust all of the settings on this sled one at a time to see if I could get it to handle better, but all these adjustments would do for me was create another handling issue and costing me money in carbides because there was no carbide left in the front. It was becoming very frustrating, so I gave you a call. After installing the shims and ski savers, I had to go back to adjusting some of the things back to where they almost were at the beginning. I can now say that this sled is a fun sled to drive now, my carbides look awesome, the steering is light and I am able to turn in the corners with confidence and I am not darting. It is fun to go out riding again.

Jeff E.
Rosemont, MN


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