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2006 Polaris FST Classic

January 21, 2014


Hi Scott
I thought I would get back to you about the handling of my Polaris FST after I installed the shims ski savers and your Skegs. Last year I installed them and there was some improvement cornering.  If you recall I called you last fall and I said there had been improvement but I was wondering if the handling could be improved further and you sent me thicker shims. I installed them and I must tell you what a difference!


Last weekend I rode with 2 Ski Doo Legends. The lakes were rutted after a thaw and very icy with some snow. My friends could not believe I was riding with one hand. When we got on the trails they were icy and my friends had to ride on the snow shoulder to make a turn while I was making turns on the trail. They couldn't believe it! And when we went to  crossed bare roads and approached the gas pumps on pavement they of course slid while I drove with ease no sliding when turning.

They came to me and asked how I could do this and I explained your shims ski savers and top quality carbides and told them to view your web site.

Thanks so much, I have wrestled with my FST for years now I'm extremely happy with the handling.
Greg L.
Minden, Ontario Canada


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