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2006 Yamaha RS Venture Touring

January 21, 2013

To whom it may concern:

I purchased a pair of Cobra-Head runners with 6" carbides three years ago for my 2006
Yamaha RS Venture touring
sled with a picked track initially (now has an Ice Ripper
Camoplast Track). I ride 2-up about 50% of the time, and put about 2,300 miles on
these Cobra's.
The vast majority of my riding is on groomed trails in New Hampshire
and Maine. Often trail conditions consist of icy corners, low snow conditions, numerous road crossings, and thin cover.

I realized I needed to change the carbides since the sled was pushing in the corners,
even with a hard pack surface and was very difficult in icy corners. Also, it would not
turn at all on pavement. At this point, one of the runners has no carbide left at all, and the runner has worn down below the level of the skeg. The other runner broke in half, with the front portion missing when I checked it on the ski. The carbide on that skeg has no sharp edge left and is worn to a rounded profile.

Dave D.
Pepperell, MA



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