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GSX, 2006, 2007
Feb 11, 2012




Just wanted to let you know that the 8" Triple Point carbides are great. Everyone that used them were in awe at the difference they made.

I'm a street bike and kart driver, so like fast trails. That entry and exit into a corner is tops on my list, and with Bergstrom Skegs the sled turns in well. With other carbides I had to get significant weight transfer to the outside ski to assure proper grab, but with your skegs I need only 20% weight transfer when compared to prior set-ups.

And darting at speed is now mostly a thing of the past. At 80 mph my sleds would always follow the biggest prior ski track. Now I make my own way regardless. Point it the way I want and it goes.

According to my GPS I've added 8 mph to my moving speed average on the same trails, and my confidence is higher, which means I have less stress and worry.

The sleds now turn in so well that kids and ladies can ride them comfortably.

One of the riders was a 68 year old who has ridden much over the years, but had become fearful of the skis pushing in corners. When we set up to assure no pushing, steering was too heavy. Your skegs allowed normal ski pressure and confidence. He just couldn't stop praising them at every break point.

I can't tell you how much fun I had this last trip. It was compounded with my oldest son also being there, because of your skegs, he could focus on other sled function instead of skis.

Thanks again for your great products. I'm a Bergstrom believer now.

Jim T.
Caro, MI


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