2006 Attak

March 8, 2006


Hi Scott,


My Yamaha Attak darted bad for the first 400 miles.  I did not change a thing on my sled until I put on your Triple Point Carbides and then the shims.


After 2,750 miles on this season, 2,350 miles were on the Triple Point Carbides and 1,600 miles were on the carbides plus shims.  After the Triples Point Carbides were installed, 80% of my darting went away, turning on any surface was greatly improved without additional turning effort, the straight line tracking was significantly improved.  After the shims were installed, 95% of the darting was gone.  I would argue that the remaining 5% is normal when following multiple riders.  Pretty easy fix without having to tinker with other areas of the sled.


The Triple Points on the Simmons worked well.  But the Triple Points on stock skis were even better!  Rather than investing in new skis for my Attak, I wanted to try the stock skis and replace the junk factory carbides with your Triple Points.  Fantastic product!  I would turn on the asphalt at gas stations and people would always comment how sharp my carbides must be.  I always told them “nope,  Bergstrom carbides with lots of miles”.


Your product is solid Scott, and you need to get the word out more.  Great product. 


Keep up the excellent work.

Matt C.



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