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MXZ Blizzard 600 SDI, 2007

Decenber 31, 2014

My daughters sled is a 2007, MXZ Blizzard 600 SDI with 5300 miles on it. I had to replace the skis on it. I started running the Ski Savers on the outside of all my sleds since then and it has made a big difference.

My 2009 MXZ 600 E-tec has 5600 miles on it. Just bought a 2014 TNT Ace 900 4 stroke and a 2015 MXZ 600 SDI, These need Triple Points.

When I sold my 2005 MXZX 600 SDI I had over 9300 miles on it and the Triple Point skegs saw every mile! When I sold the sled I kept the Trple Points and was going to transfer them to the 2014 ACE 900.

I have known and bought from Scott for 20 + years. I have sent him countless customers. As I am a true believer of his products. I have proven to my friends and fellow club members how durable these skegs are. I will never buy another skeg as long as Scott is in business! Scott not only makes great products but his knowledge is great when it comes to ski and traction products, he is fun to talk to and has always taken the time to personally explain things to his customers in terms they can understand.

I have run Triple Points and Ski Savers on many sleds and there is none equal!

Ted R.
Wolcott, NY


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