Attak, 2007

November 8, 2007


Hello Scott,


Last year I purchased 4” Triple Points from you for my 2007 Attak.  They worked great (for the few miles I was allowed to ride them).


At the time we spoke, I mentioned that my wife would also be riding the sled from time to time and you supplied an extra set of Ski Savers that were thicker so she would find it easier to steer.  I installed the ” and new carbides, and never got my sled back from her – she liked it that much!


So… I had to go out and purchase a second Attak for me.  I would like to order another set of triple points.  This time for MY 2006 Attak GT without studs.  I’m a moderately aggressive rider (more as I continue to get used to the 4-stroke).  We ride mostly Eagle River, Hurley and NE Wisconsin trail systems.



Steve J.


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