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MXZ 800, 2008

July 2, 2005

Hi Scott,

Thanks for sending me both sizes of Ski Savers! After some trials, I found the thicker ones to be a bit too much for my preference. I threw on the regular set and after 2600km they still looked like new! I can't believe how well they wear, and I hit a lot of brown trails and blacktop last season! Along with the plugs and shims they do a great job of curing the darting in these sleds, even with worn out skis. I still have my Triple Point carbides from 4 years ago, put over 4500 km on them and they are still in good shape (take them for spares every trip I go on). I have since sold the sled but, I made sure to keep the goodies you sent me to use on my next Doo!

Great job on these, I was about to give up on the darting issue until I spoke with you 4 years ago.

Thanks once again,

Andrew V.
Ottawa, Canada


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