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2008 Nytro RTX - Yamaha

Jan. 6, 2015


Hi Scott,

I had ordered your Good N Ugly skegs over the summer of 2014 for my 2008 Yamaha Nytro RTX. When I ordered you were telling me about the shims and Ski Savers that you would include with the skegs.

You also informed me that when I flip the rubber stops around and add the shims to the rear. Now I had purchased my sled in February of 2014 and I was very cautious when riding because the sled wanted to go where it wanted to go! It darted a lot and it pushed a lot in turns! It was very unpredictable! I had dual runners on it and it still darted and pushed. When I received your skegs and shims you also included the Contours. I was excited and just couldn't wait to test it all out. Well that finally came on January 3rd 2015 for me here in upstate NY. I have to say!! The sled rode like a dream!!! I was just so amazed how something as simple as flipping the stops around and installing the shims to the rear and Contours and new skegs that my sled handled like it was on rails. It tracked straight, never darted, never pushed in a turn again !!! All I have to say is WOW!!! Thank you so much for all the thought and ingenuity you have put in to come up with something like that!!! And thank you for probably saving my life and or someone elses life!!! Thank you again!!

Joe M.
Clay, NY


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