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2008, Phazer FX

Jan 1, 2012


Hello Scott,


I have a Yamaha, Phazer FX since Dec. 2008. It is a small four stroke liquid cooled 500 cc sled. I am six foot two inches and weigh 245 pounds. The dealer told me the stock carbides are junk and that it was necessary to put SnowTrackers on or the sled would be un-drivable. I spent $250.00 for the SnowTrackers and have ridden only 2,800 miles in three years. That indicates how little fun riding is when using them.

When you are in good snow conditions these things are going straight ahead. Do not expect them to let you turn at speeds below 25 mph. I had to stand up with all my weight on the handlebars or sitting next to the seat in the manner of a race bike, with practice I was able to gain about 5 mph in the turns. This increase in speed does make the sled feel tippy. As for steering at lower speeds, the harder it is to turn the handlebars. Between 10-15 mph you can not turn them.

With low snow and icy conditions SnowTrackers are total garbage. Turning the handlebars became very easy in low snow but you do not turn. You slide on ice and hope to get a little bit of snow to regain some steering but not too much because you can get propelled over the handlebars as if you hit a brick wall. I know this because it happened to me several times. I am not an aggressive rider and this is why I am still alive. I would like to ride as fast as others but my sled won't let me.

I asked my dealer to fix my sled because I thought it was un-drivable and he told me they are all the same and they can not do anything to make it better. That's why they push the Nytro instead.

This weekend (2011) I just noticed that the right carbide was broken, but I do not know when it happened because I never noticed any change in the manner the sled acted. This says a lot about how well these high priced carbides failed to deliver control!

Pascal B
Quebec City, Quebec


Here is the feedback I promised.

Your Triple Point carbides with Ski Savers and shims are amazing with absolutely no darting and no ski lift at any speed. I am able to take turns at almost 60 mph with no lift. I gained 10 mph to my top end plus my engine overheat light finally went off for good.

I also added;

A.D. Bovin - ZX-2 suspension - great upgrade
Camoplast - Intense track - I lost 16 mph of top speed, 136"

I'm still looking for input on how to improve acceleration and torque for deep snow.



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