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2008 Yamaha Nytro

Jan 1, 2013


I have a great set up for my Nytro that me and you have dialed in and just wanted to thank you for all your help!! First off every one knows the 2008 Yamaha Nytro is a handful. It took me 1000 miles to get this thing where I fell in love with it. This sled has 144 studs right down the middle. I ditch bang so need flotation and went with the 6.9 Pilot skis could do 5.7 if you wanted then use the ZX Ski Doo rubbers and they are shaped wrong for Yamaha spindle but just use them they will open up to Yamaha spindle then most important use Scott's ¼ shim that has a notch in the shim for Pilot skis for the plastic Knob that sticks up on the top of the ski. Next triple points 8" with ski savers . Front limiter strap stock setting longest it can be for light steering and then for me rear spring on stiffest but I weigh 240 lbs. This reduces the wheelies!!! Front strap pulled tighter will reduce the wheelies BUT MAKES HARD STEERING!! So adjust the wheelies with the rear spring. I also installed a Polaris transfer block and set it on the thickest setting to keep the wheelies under control!!

I also have 2 other Yamahas that Scott helped me set up and these are really good set ups for my wife and son. One's a 1999 500 fan Phazer and the other is a 1998 VMAX XTC 500. I picked up some take off skis from a 2008 Yamaha FX Nytro skis this would be a Q 18 Good and Ugly carbide. Then add ¼"shims on the rear of the ski rubbers with a C and A mounting kit that comes with aftermarket ski rubber and bolt nut. All these set ups will let you run 60 + mph on smooth groomed trails one handed, no fighting ruts, it is like power steering!!!

Scott is a great guy and I tell everybody about his products because they WORK!!!! Thanks again for all you have done for the sport of snowmobiling!!!! Great people like yourself make it FUN to ride!!!

Brian S.
Lake View, Iowa



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