The '08 Nytro was dangerous out of the box.

The '09 Nytro was unnecessary. I say unnecessary because the '08 Nytro, with our system is a great sled.

Simple control fix for the 2008 Nytro

I saw a post on Totallyamaha.com stating the 08 Nytros turned like a tank. This did not make sense to me because the Phazers and Nytros I saw at the Milwaukee Show had the same rubber stops they had in 07.  The 07s darted but 3/8” shims on the rear cleared it up.  Something had to be physically different to get different results.  (That’s what I like about the “Laws of Physics”.)

I went to a dealership to check out what was different.  I noticed there was a new rubber stop.  I also noticed there was now about a 1/8” gap between the back of the spindle and the face of the rubber stop.  They had filled in the gaps, between the peaks, to firm up the front.  Basically they completely negated any effect from the back while increasing the effect of the front.

I suggested they turn the rubber stops around to take some pressure off the front of the skis.  That would reduce the effort needed to turn the handlebars and darting.  The front or rear could be shimmed as needed.  Because of liability concerns he was reluctant, but he did ask Yamaha if the rubber stops might be installed backwards.  Yamaha assured him the rubber stops had been installed as designed.  I checked it out on the drawing and the installation matched.  I ordered a rubber stop so I could compare it with the 07.  Besides the changes on the top they left the 3, 3/8”dia. x   ” deep holes on the rear just like the 07 stops had.  Those holes and the grooves make the rear extra soft.  That is why I suggested 3/8” shims on the original Phazer rubber stops.

I contacted V-Max John to see if he could contact the engineer he had talked to when he wrote the “Shimming Tech. Tip” page on   www.Totallyamaha.com   I wanted to know the thought process behind this design.  I also mentioned how I would like to find out if a shim was still needed on the rear or even the front. 

In the meantime a snowmobiler emailed me about his 08 Nytro and I suggested he turn the stops around.  Turning 08 Nytro Stops

Shortly thereafter, I heard from Mr. Sled, who after talking with V-Max John, turned the stop around and added a ” shim on the rear.  He said, the results were unreal!  With no other adjustments it handles and corners great!  ( These results lead me to believe the front end geometry changes for 2009 are not needed! ) 

First I heard, that Yamaha had said some dealers had put the stops in backwards causing the problem.  Then I heard they said the guys who put the manual together got the drawing wrong.  I also heard that when the engineers offered to let the TY guys ride their new sleds at the “Derby” the guys turned them down.  It seems they had noticed the engineer’s rubber stops had not been turned around, on their way to the Factory Hot-Box.

Mr. Sled - 08 Nytro


                                    Keep your fingers crossed for 2009!


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