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Renegade, 2008/ e-tech Renegade , 2009

April 8, 2009


Just wanted to let you know you were absolutely right. When I first spoke to you, my 2008 Ski Doo Renegade did not want to steer well at all. It was great in the deep powder, but wanted to push through corners no matter how much ski pressure I added. If I added too much ski pressure to it the rest of the suspension would not work properly. I would have to let off coming into then hit the gas hard and get the sled to power slide through the corner to make it turn at all. My Renegade was just not working as the crossover sled it is dubbed to be.

I spoke to you on the phone, and before I could even tell what it was doing, you told me. You claimed the problem could be solved with the simple installation of these shims to adjust the angle of my skis. You were good enough to send out a pair for myself and another set for my friend who had the 2009 e-tech Renegade that was doing the exact same thing.

When I received the shims it seemed impossible that such a simple product would make such an enormous difference in the handling of my snowmobile, but as your website suggests, I inspected my skegs which were almost new, and they showed heavy wear toward the front. So, I installed the shims as per the instructions. This maybe took me a half hour at most.

On my next trip North with my buddies, it was cold and crisp out, and the trails were amazingly hard and fast. What a difference. Just like you said the sled cornered now like it was on rails. I was able to dial in the suspension so it worked great, and the sled turned so well that even at extremely high speeds all I had to do was point the steering, and the sled would go that way. These shims made such a difference that I went from wondering whether I had made a bad choice in machine, to absolutely loving my Ski Doo Renegade.

Since then, the improvement was so great on my sled that the extra pair you sent me for my friend, he has installed on his 2009 Ski Doo with the same results as I experienced. Thank you Scott, and I’m sure if my buddy Ron had the chance he’d thank you also. You’ve turned mine and Ron’s sleds into the absolute perfect machines for us with these simple shims.

Mark P.
Sturbridge, MA


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