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MXZ, 2009

Nov. 10, 2010

Hi Scott,

I got the new 6" Triple Points for both our sleds (2009 MXZ), love the gold color! Thanks for the free Ski Savers (both sizes) I haven't worn out my last sets of Triple Points yet after 4,500 miles of riding on each sled in horrible conditions due to last winters bad January thaw. I do have a chip out of a piece of carbide on one ski on my sled and the Ski Savers are worn down quite a bit but on the trails, both sleds still turn as well as they did when I put the Triple Points on and we have absolutely ZERO darting… I'm sure I could go another season with them but I will keep them as emergency spares. I can't thank you enough for continuing to make these Triple Point carbides available. Please let me know if and when you plan to retire so I can stock up. I refuse to join the crowd and buy the substandard Shaper Bars.

Darrell B.
Shermansville, PA


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