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Nytro RTX-SE, 2009

March 6, 2014



I thought you might be interested in some feedback running the setup I outlined below (Yamaha Tuner skis, Woody's carbides, and your 3/8" shims with your Ski Savers). Prior to putting your shims and Ski Savers on, when I switched from the stock skis and Woody's 6" Trailblazer IV carbides to the Yamaha Turner Ski/Woody's carbides, my sled went from a fairly well-mannered beast that had a small tendency to dart and hunt while decelerating to an unpredictable ill-handling nightmare – massive amounts of erratic and unpredictable inside ski lift, the track was loose and squirrley cornering out of any corner regardless of how much throttle, and it never felt like it was tracking straight down the trail regardless of speed, throttle, body position, etc. After I put the shims and Ski Savers on, my old sled was back but was even better. I actually let go of the handlebars at about 50 coming into a corner and the sled tracked true and straight. Steering on a 4-stroke Yamaha has a heavy feel to it – you can't get around it – but it feels a little less heavy, more precise, and also more forgiving. As an aggressive rider, and with my size (5'6" and 145 lbs. Soaking wet), I am physically not big enough to muscle my sled around – it takes me for a ride. That being said, it is important that my sled be set up to handle well and be predictable, rather than me trying to compensate for any ill-handling mannerisms. The shims worked a miracle.

Full setup;

2009 Yamaha Nytro RTX-SE
Yamaha Tuner Dual Runner Skis
Woody's 4" 60 degree carbide Extender III (outside runner)
Woody's 6" 60 degree carbide Trail Blazer iV(inside runner)
Bergstrom 3/8" shims and Ski Savers

Jeffery S.
Batavia, NY



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