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Nytro RTX-SE, 2009

March 11, 2015



Last year I gave you a testimonial on running with the Ski Savers and 3/8" shims you gave me to mellow out my 2009 Nytro RTX-SE that was on the verge of being un-rideable with the setup I was running. I had gone from the stock skis with 6" Woody Trailblazer IV carbides (which was OK but darty) to the Yamaha Tuner Ski (duel keel) / Woody 4" 60 degree carbide Extender III (outside runner) and Woody's 6" 60 degree carbide Trail Blazer IV (inside runner). You had sent me a pair of your wear bar/carbides to test out and report back on since you hadn't had any feedback with the Yamaha Tuner Ski and your full setup. I am long overdue to provide you feedback, but I wanted to give the setup a test over various riding conditions (fresh snow, ice, groomed and ungroomed trails, marginal snow levels, etc.) and I have to say although I am planning on getting a new sled next year, it'll be bittersweet because my Nytro handles incrediblely. It had always been an effort to turn: now it is effortless with your setup. It tracks true and straight, even under heavy deceleration – there is no darting at all – and it winds its way through the tight woods sections like never before – the steering is about as light as any sled I have ever ridden. I have attached a pic of the wearbars and carbides you sent me because someone marked them with a "Q19" with a Sharpie – I am figuring you know exactly what you sent me.

This is my current setup:

  • 2009, Yamaha Nytro RXT-SE
  • Yamaha Tuner Dual Runner Skis
  • Bergstrom "Q19" carbides on the inside keel
  • Bergstrom "Q19" 1/2" hardsurfaced wear rods on the outside keel
  • Bergstrom 3/8" shims and Ski Savers
  • Camoplast Ice Attack XT track (pre-studded from Camoplast, NOT PICKED)

My new sled (Yamaha Viper RTX-SE or LTX-SE) will not be ridden until I switch whatever carbide/wearbar combo it comes with, with your carbide/wearbar. I am going to trust you right off the bat with the Trail Grabbers, skipping the $700.00 add-on of an Attack track.

Jeffery S.
Batavia, NY




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